June Book Haul


The beginning of June marked the end of university, and the release of a book by one of my favourite authors: David Levithan. The timing couldn’t have been better. I celebrated by buying that book, and three others, and proceeding on my journey of reading for pleasure after three years.

Here are all the books I bought in June:

This is actually quite a small haul compared to last month’s, but these books are a nice variety, and I’ve enjoyed reading (and reviewing) a few of them. I’m currently reading A Monster Calls and liking it. After that, I might read How to be Both because, having looked inside, the writing is big so it won’t take me that long to read. I’m planning on reading A Little Life soon, so that might take a little longer, unless it is an addictive page turner!

I’m looking forward to finding and buying more books in July!

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