Flow Magazine – Issue 12 (2016)


Genre: Magazine
Editors: Irene and Astrid
Pages: 139
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening Line:

“Everytime we dream up a new issue, we check out what’s going on in our own lives.”

Flow Magazine is “a magazine for paper lovers. Celebrating creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures.” It is ‘a magazine that takes its time.”

My review

If you are a paper lover and you haven’t heart of Flow Magazine, then what are you waiting for? I love paper, but I would necessarily call myself a paper lover in the sense that I do a lot of crafting. I love paper to write on, especially to write letters on. But paper wasn’t the reason I bought the magazine. It was the fact that the magazine is supposedly one that ‘takes its time’. Since I am into mindfulness, creativity and the simple things in life, Flow seemed right up my street.

It costs a pricey £9.95, which almost put me off, but let me tell you now – it’s well worth the money. I got so much out of just this issue, and am still getting pleasure and inspiration from it, and will continue to do so for months to come.

When you first open it up, you are faced with a page that gives you the chance to write your name in it, to show that this issue belongs to you. I wrote my name in immediately, and felt that it added a personal touch and the sense that this is more than just a magazine. The magazine has a philosophy, and this is split into four different titles which act as reminders of how to get the most out of life. The structure of the magazine is in accordance with these four inspiring titles:

  • Feel Connected
  • Live Mindfully
  • Spoil Yourself
  • Simplify Your Life

Each issue contains content pertaining to these four categories. As well as this, every issue comes with an extra, and in this case it is the 366 Days of Flow Calendar, which has since become an app (not sure how I feel about that! Much prefer the paper version). This calendar is presented as little cards which are adorned with beautiful floral illustrations, and contain quotes, advice, inspiration, tips, and much more, again all in line with the four categories I mentioned above. I have taken to Instagram in order to get the most out of this calendar, by photographing each daily card and trying to find inspiration from them. You can follow my Instagram account here.

My second favourite feature of this issue is from page 69 to page 75, and is 210 Questions to Ask Yourself (or each other) which is exactly what it says! Flow presents the reader with 210 questions that will make you think when you consider your answers. They are good for giving yourself a dose of reflection, and for trying to get to know yourself better. On my personal blog, I have started answering these questions, each answer becoming a blog post. I then give my followers the chance to answer their response in the comments. If you want to read my answers so far, you can find them all here.

Packed with inspiration, cute illustrations, insightful articles and unique shopping suggestions, this magazine is a must for anyone with a creative mind and an affinity for mindfulness. I 100% recommend it, especially this issue!

Visit the website: Flow Magazine





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