The Happy Reader, Issue 8 – Autumn 2016


Genre: Literary Magazine
Publisher: Penguin Books
Editor-in-Chief: Seb Emina
Pages: 62
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening Line:

“What book should I read next?”

My Goodreads Review:

The Happy Reader - Issue 8The Happy Reader – Issue 8 by Penguin Classics

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is by far my favourite magazine, but this issue is extra special because my letter is published in it! I also read this one faster than I’ve read any of the others. The snippets are the best bit, and I love that they managed to link O Pioneers! to the American election.

Looking forward the next one even though it means waiting until June. At least that gives me plenty of time to read the next book of the month – Treasure Island.

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All my bookish needs are satisfied for this season. Even though I’ve only been a reader of this magazine for the past two issues, I can definitely say that this one outdoes all the other magazines out there when it comes to choosing a favourite. But what I didn’t expect when I first became a reader, is that I would have a letter published in issue 8!

If you remember, when I reviewed Issue 7 I mentioned that I would be going to London and during that trip I would try and complete the Dalloway Puzzle.


Well…I did just that! I didn’t get very far, because one of traits is that I’m easily confused, and that means I get lost easily too. But I’m not too disheartened because apparently I’m not the only one who found it difficult.

I wrote a letter after being contacted by Seb Emina, and it got printed in this issue! I’m still not sure I can believe it, but I guess I can kind of say I’ve had my words published by Penguin, and since that’s a life goal I’m pretty satisfied. So anyone who has a copy, or is thinking of getting a copy, look out for my letter and find out about the frazzled adventure I had trying to do the crossword.

This issue as a whole was enjoyable, as ever. Every time I read the introduction, I am astounded at how accurate this magazine manages to pin point the exact thoughts and feelings of a reader. But then again, it is produced by book-lovers for book-lovers. This introduction was no different. How many times have I finished a book and looked up and felt an emptiness as I decide what to read next? It’s because of the wealth of possibilities available.

I’m surrounded by piles of unread books, and it’s an adventure just to look at them and wonder where I’ll go next and who I’ll meet. That’s the magic of being a reader, and this magazine, and especially this issue’s intro, reinforce’s that magic.

I managed to enjoy both parts despite having never heard of Kristin Scott Thomas or O Pioneers! before. I find that that’s usually the case, but it doesn’t take away from the pleasure I get from reading this.

The snippets touched on something I think about a lot: How long would it take to read all the books in the world? The answer: A VERY LONG TIME INDEED. If you want the real answer (as real as is possible – with research to back it up) then you’ll find it in the brilliant snippets section.

This issue has also announced to its readers that from now on it will be published twice a year rather than four times. This might sound like bad news at first (can I wait until June??) but this could be a great move for the mag.

Since I’m a journalism student, I decided to interview Seb for an assignment, and I asked him about the decision to go from being a quarterly publication to a biannual one. In my own words, based on what he told me, I can tell you that publishing two issues a year means the team will have more time to make each issue as good as it possibly can be. They’ll have the time to commission better articles, and get even better cover stars.

So don’t be too sad! I’m looking forward to seeing how this change affects the magazine, and plus, it gives us plenty of time to get stuck into Treasure Island the next Book of the Month.

Happy reading!

Link to the magazine on Goodreads:

The Happy Reader, Issue 8 – Autumn 2016


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