New Philosopher – Issue 13 (2016)

New Philosopher Magazine, Issue #13, Aug-Oct 2016
Editor: Zan Boag
Pages: 130
Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening line:

“You make your own luck.”

 This magazine was a chance encounter, a rare find and a lucky strike. Issue 13 is the ‘luck’ issue, and it was the colourful cover and the question ‘is today your lucky day?’ on the cover that caught my interest.

I picked it up, I had a flick through. The layout was attractive, it had lots of artwork and quotes. It seemed like my ideal magazine. But did I want to spend £5.99 on a magazine I had never read before? It was the only copy in the shop, but I left without it.

For the rest of my month, the magazine played on my mind. I wanted to get it, but surely someone would have bought it, and that one copy will have found a different reader. I decided to check anyway, and as luck would have it, there it was. Still there on the shelf, the single issue, waiting.

I felt lucky, and I needed no more convincing; I bought the magazine.

Where to begin? I couldn’t have asked for a better issue to start off my reading journey with New Philosopher. Luck is a subject I haven’t often read about, and the articles all offer different insights into what it means to be lucky or unlucky.

There are contributions from writers such as Will Self and DBC Pierre, and the pages are filled with a vast array of illustrations and artwork which come together to tell their own story of luck and what we have come to know as luck.

There are quotes, statistics, poems, thoughts, idioms, book recommendations, philosophical answers to philosophical questions…and there’s even a comic strip! Each page brought with it a new joy for myself as a reader, and I’ve never read a magazine like it before. It is free of adverts, and this is important. It’s like you’re reading a book: a creative, bright, cheerful but serious book.

Deep subjects are covered, the articles are well-written and you don’t need a philosophy degree to understand what is being discussed. I was constantly surprised and full of reading pleasure with each turn of the page. I read it over several months because I wanted to savour every moment spent with it.

I really cannot fault it, I want to read it all over again. And some parts I could easily return to and get the same amount of joy all over again.

If you see this gem of a magazine while you’re out and about, please do take a chance on it like I did, because the question on the cover was right all along, and the day I found it (and the day I bought it) was indeed my lucky day.



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