Womankind – Issue 12 (2017)

Womankind Magazine, Issue #12, May-August 2017
Theme: Greece/Octopus
Editor-in-Chief: Antonia Case
Pages: 132
Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening line:

“In the dark of night, a canny octopus escaped from his tank, gobbled up fish from a neighbouring tank, and returned – as though nothing was out of the ordinary.”

About the magazine (from the website):

Womankind represents a new era for women: Womankind is an advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity and meaning in today’s society. Womankind magazine features the top journalists, authors and artists in a 132 page, perfect-bound magazine – offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature and ways to live a more fulfilling life.

Womankind‘s aim is to introduce ideas that challenge contemporary thought and conditioning. Are our thoughts and aspirations truly ours?

My review:

Womankind magazine is created by the same team who bring us New Philospher, which despite only reading one issue so far, is one of my favourite magazines. So when I found out they also had a publication targeted at women, I was all over it.

I’d heard of it from social media but never seen an issue on the newsstands. At least that was the case until I went into my local Tesco one Sunday, and saw that it was their magazine of choice.

I bought it immediatly and started reading it at the first available opportunity. I found that it is similar in style and editorial as New Philospher, which is a positive because New Phil is arguably the magazine with my favourite layout and design.

The themes for this issue are Greece and Octopus. The very fact that the magazine has these themes for every issue add more to the character and appeal of the publication. The articles weren’t all explicitly about Greece, but some were and they showcased quality journailism with their article on the refugee crisis and ‘The phantom economy of multi-nationals and banks’.

When I read these articles, the journalist in me was impressed and in awe that these kind of articles were included, as I didn’t expect them from having read the first few articles. I am prone to becoming bored or finding more serious subjects hard to engage with, but Womankind has got me actively reading about refugees, the economy and global warming one minute, then getting me thinking with philosophy the next minute.

The variety of content in this magazine is astounding, and each page is beautifully considered, curated and illustrated with drawings and photographs. The writing is quality and trustworthy.

I also found that this magazine is perfect for cuddling up to with a hot chocolate when you’re feeling a bit poorly (or even if you feel perfectly fine!).

If you’ve ever read New Philosopher (and loved it) and you’re a woman, then please find a copy of Womankind whereever you can, because you need to add this to your magazine collection.

My favourite bits were:

  • Rebranding anxiety

After reading this I went on a personal mission to tell anyone I could about it.

  • 11 facts about the octopus

I now have an extra appriciation for the wonderful octopus.

  • Catrin Welz-Stein’s photographs

If these were displayed in a gallery I’d spend hours looking at them.

  • All the octopus illustrations

Simply brilliant.

  • Daydreaming & Creativity

This was truly inspiring and made me feel good about being a daydreamer.

  • A toast to your health

Made me relieved to be a woman who doesn’t drink alcohol. Please read this simply for the awareness of how alcohol affects women differently.

Overall, after discovering Womankind and her brother New Philosopher, I am certain that I’ve found two magazines that I can read from cover to cover whilst remaining interested and inspired the entire time. And there are absolutely no adverts. I’ve found two favourite magazines.

Top tip: If you’re a poet and you like tea, invest in this magazine.

Even my cat likes it.

Read New Philospher
Read Womankind



  1. I love Womankind too. I’m so fed up with women’s magazines that tell me what clothes and make-up to wear, what food to cook, where to go on holiday… and what I MUST buy. Womankind is a breath of fresh air. It treats me like an intelligent human being who wants to know about the world and the people in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly why I love it too. It’s set apart from the consumer women’s magazines. It lets me think and puts me in a healthier state of mind. I’m very thankful it exists along with New Philosopher.


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