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Here’s one for all you wrestling fans out there. Personally, I’ve never watched wrestling, so this interview was new ground for me, but I love reading about other people’s interests and passions. I have at least one real-life friend who loves wrestling, and I like my author interviews to be on a variety on subjects. So thank you Oliver for sharing your writing processes and wrestling insights with us.

About the author


Oliver Newman, after being a professional wrestling fan for 12+ years, decided in May 2004 (immediately after watching ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels tear down the house at The N.E.C. in his hometown of Birmingham, England) to begin writing about Professional Wrestling, which he has been doing ever since.

During Oliver’s 14+ years writing career (so far), he has written and reported on World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA/Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, All Star Wrestling, Evolve Wrestling, WOS Wrestling, Chikara Pro Wrestling, Fight Club Pro, Dominant Wrestling and many more….

He took this a step further on the 25th Anniversary of his fandom for Professional Wrestling (25th August 1991) in August 2016 by writing, editing, and publishing a book on his travels around the UK Scene (2001-2007) called A Fan’s Perspective: One Man’s Exploration Of British Wrestling.

After watching a truly historical and ground-breaking year (2016) in World Wrestling Entertainment, he decided to repeat the writing, editing and  publishing process in 2017 by releasing the best work of his career in the form of  A Fan’s Perspective: 2016 – What A Year To Be A Fan Of WWE.

In May 2018 Oliver completed his third professional wrestling book A Fan’s Perspective: How My Lifelong Dream Became A Nightmare.

Oliver Newman has been a proud professional wrestling fan for 26+ years and a proud professional wrestling writer for 14+ years. He lives in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom.

Describe your ideal writing atmosphere.

I don’t think I have one, I am happy writing in my notepad on the sofa as much as I am typing in my computer chair. I like music to be playing as I write.

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to start?

I have been writing for 14+ years. My Brother surprised me with tickets to a WWE RAW House Show (Saturday 29th May 2004) in my hometown of Birmingham, England.

After watching a thoroughly entertaining show, highlighted by Edge vs. Batista, a two out of three falls match for the WWE I.C. Title – Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton (c) and ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels.

The latter was an absolute classic, I felt compelled to write about professional wrestling, I was sick of all the critics and wanted to use my voice to say no, I love pro wrestling and this is why. I have been writing about the sport of professional wrestling ever since.

Describe your writing style.

I like to think my writing has matured over time, I started off as a Reporter and Writer and now hopefully with my third book I have become more of a Storyteller.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

What kind of story that hasn’t been written yet do you want to read?

A CM Punk autobiography would be a fascinating read.

Name any authors or books that have had an impact on your writing.

Lance Storm, John Lister and Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert (they have acknowledgements in my debut book), they proved to me that there was a market for a Pro Wrestling Book.

Describe the moment you truly felt like an author.

Having a paperback copy of my debut book in my hand, then reaching and surpassing 50 and now 100 sales.

What book by another author do you wish you’d written?

Ghost writing Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’s autobiography would have been an awesome experience for sure.

What is the best thing about writing/being a writer?

Just having an outlet for my creativity, the opportunity to share it with the world and make money from it.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Have fun, tell your story and learn everything you can, the real work starts when your book is released.

Tell the story behind your latest book, why did you write it?

It was my lifelong dream to attend a Wrestlemania live, I did that at Wrestlemania 24 – that’s the dream part. I tell the story of the before, during and after – that is the nightmare part.

Most inspiring quote?

“Be The Change you want to see in the world”.

Which author (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?

Malcolm Gladwell is someone who has inspired me with his work.

If you could bring any fictional character to life, who would you choose?

I’m not really a fiction reader, so I have no idea how to answer this question, sorry.

How do you beat writers block?

I actually answered this question on my Goodreads Author Profile – “I either try to power through or understand this is just in the moment and come back to writing at another time.”

Give yourself some writing advice.

Keep working hard, always try to improve in some way shape or form.

What are your plans for the future? What writing projects are you currently working on?

Working on the Kindle version of my latest book.


2008 was a historical year in Professional Wrestling. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels contested one of/if not the best pro wrestling feuds of all-time. I continued writing and reporting on the UK scene, my lifelong dream (attending a Wrestlemania – Wrestlemania 24 live) came true and I met my Childhood Hero – Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. 2008 is the year WWE could have catapulted Paul London to the main event (they didn’t, so I fantasy booked him there). 2008 also had some great matches – I share my thoughts on some of the best, lastly 2008 was a big year in terms of the women’s wrestling evolution we are now living through in 2018 (I explain how we have got here) and as a special bonus I share my thoughts on the beginning of 2009.


2016 was a truly great year to be a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment. Join me as I take you on a journey through every PPV (RAW & SD Live), NXT Takeover and WWE Network Special. Read my alternative Wrestlemania 32 booking, plus my thoughts and insights on all of 2016’s major matches, segments, story-lines and major news stories throughout this historical and ground-breaking time.


In the early years of the new millennium three men led the charge in British Wrestling – ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, Doug Williams and ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch. This book is the story of my first hearing about British Wrestling being talked about on British Radio via Talksport (2001) all the way through to the first few months (2007) of my almost two year quest to prove that British Wrestling was as good as it’s counterparts in the U.S. Japan, Mexico and beyond.

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A Fan’s Perspective: How My Lifelong Dream Turned Into A Nightmare – Amazon
A Fan’s Perspective: 2016 – What A Year To Be A Fan of WWE – Amazon
A Fan’s Perspective: One Man’s Exploration of British Wrestling – Amazon

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