Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence

Oooh look! It’s a book review! No, wait, it’s a letter…

Just me and my new friend

The day the library re-opened after Christmas and New Year I was THERE. I hopped on my newly serviced bike, with books for return in my bag and an eagerness to take more home with me. Then I found Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence, a book of love letters from a librarian to a bunch of books she’s encountered as a reader and from working in public libraries.

It would be an opportunity missed not to write a letter to this book (even though it’s a completely unoriginal idea, but who cares, letters are cool!)

Dear Dear Fahrenheit 451,

I found you in my local library, along with a couple of other books I borrowed at the same time as you. When I got home, you gave me that look. You know the one, the ‘you know you want to read me instead of whatever you were going to do, so read me, go ahead. I’m not dong much anyway’ look.

I felt kind of grotty at the time and couldn’t really move or allow myself the brain power to even think of ignoring your bookish pleas. I thought, okay, a book about books. I’ll give it a few pages. And well, you know what happened next. I couldn’t let you go. I’ve read similar books to you before but none of them have your humour, your wit. There’s a certain feeling I get when I’m thinking about books and what they do for me, and you reignited that feeling tenfold.

Your author, Annie, is now some kind of bookish heroine for me and I’m so glad she wrote you. Okay, so a lot of the books she wrote to I hadn’t read or heard of and the thoughts she had on books I have read were different to my own. But it didn’t matter, because the passion for reading is there.

You also made me smile a lot about libraries, and I felt luckier than ever to be someone who works in one. It’s not just about the books, it’s about helping people. And you, Dear, are book that helped me. I’ve discovered a bunch of other books I want to read and explore. I know I’m going to have to return you to the library where you belong so other readers can find you and fall a little bit in love with you like I did. But for now, you’re beside my bed where we spent so much time together.

I’ll say hello to you when I see you there on the shelves, and I know I can always come to you for inspiration on what to read next. And when someone else finally borrows you I hope they’ll get as much out of you as I did.

Also, I’m going to recommend you to some people, so if you meet someone and they start rambling about that weird library nerd who insisted they read you, that’s me.

Thanks for everything,



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