Welcome to my bookshelf! Here you will find the books that I have read and reviewed. Feel free to leave me comments telling me if you’ve read any of the books and what you thought of them – I’m always happy to talk to people about books.

A bit about me: I am an avid reader from Nottingham (A City of Literature no less) and I studied English and Creative Writing at University for three years before embarking on a Masters in Magazine Journalism at Nottingham Trent University, which is why you’ll also find magazine reviews.

I’m currently living life as a freelance journalist, writer and poet. I’m assistant editor atΒ The Beestonian and am running the poetry competition Buzzword: A Poem for Beeston. I’m also working on a book of poetry, prose, and diary entries centered around the theme of anxiety.

I write spoiler-free reviews, but if I read a book that has such an impact on me that I have to discuss the ins and out of the plot, I will give you fair warning! But my philosophy on book reviews is that they can give you a sense of what you’re going to encounter when you open a book up, and ultimately, a review is down to personal opinion. What I want to do is to offer you my thoughts, and then let you find out for yourself. Reading is an adventure, and this blog is a map of mine.

I have plenty of books on my shelves, and am going to do my best to review each and every one. Reading is my biggest hobby, so this is a place for reviews containing my thoughts on the books I read, as well as my favourite quotes from them.

Happy Reading!

You can follow my bookstagram at @bookishjade to see what I’m reading turned into nice photos and micro-reviews.

You can also find my personal blog here for a mix of my thoughts on life, writing, journalism and the occasional bit of fiction and poetry.



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