Professional Services

Photo credit: Carolina Bonito

For a couple of years, I’ve been building up my freelance career, and the best way to describe the services I offer and the kind of work I do, is that I’m a ‘Consulting Creative Assistant’. What this means in practice is that I work with creative people (authors, writers, poets, publishers etc.) and help them with things such as admin, website editing/building, proofreading, and manuscript editing.

This is just a selection of the services I’ve provided to creatives, but the term ‘assistant’ can cover a much wider range of work, and each client wants different things. One of the aspects of my working relationship with my clients is my ability to adapt to their needs, and to be the assistant that says ‘Yes, I can help you with that too!’

I’m always learning, and with all my clients, it’s like working with friends. By that I mean, it’s still professional and productive, but being a creative person myself, I’m here to bounce ideas off, to offer advice, as well as help with the admin side of things.

All of my clients so far have been based in the Beeston, Nottingham area. However, for services such as proofreading, prose/poetry editing, manuscript/writing feedback, I can work remotely.

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