Admin Assistance

Photo credit: Viktor Talashuk

Being a creative can come with lots of admin. It may be that you have lots of business documents to sort through, or emails to reply to, diaries to maintain. Many people can handle all this themselves, and that’s great. But all lives are different, and some situations call for an extra pair of hands to help.

My admin assistance has become very wide-ranging and has, in some cases, evolved into a more ‘personal assistant’ role. I can adapt to your needs, but to give you a flavour for what I can offer, I’ve: written emails, manged email inboxes, organised folders/files, helped with filling in online applications/forms, managed personal diaries, embossed envelopes, stuck stickers on products, prepared products for delivery to customer, created spreadsheets…and much more.

You might want help with just one aspect of your admin, just to take the pressure off for a while, but if you have identified a need within your creative life for someone to assist you with that need, then I can help.


  • Admin assistance: £8.50 p/h
  • Personal assistance: £10 p/h

Each person’s needs differ, and I always discuss these in advance of beginning work, to make sure the rates are appropriate for the work required.

If you think I can help you, get in contact via the form on my ‘Professional Services‘ page.

Note: admin and personal assistance involves working with you directly and in-person. I am based in Beeston, Nottingham, so am only open to working with creatives in this area.