Website Editing

Photo credit: Nick Morrison

Are you an author/writer/creative who needs a website or blog but aren’t sure where to start? Or, do you already have a site that needs updating, re-designing, or maintaining? That’s where I can help. My freelance career started with websites and website editing, and grew from there.

Most of the sites I work on are powered by WordPress, but I’ve also worked on a couple of Wix sites, too. If your site isn’t with these, no problem, I’m a fast learner!

For clarity, I’m not a website host/developer/builder. I can create, edit and design a website with you, and offer creative input into what content can populate your site. I can help you write the content, curate it, and update it.


  • Websites created from scratch, including design and content: £10 p/h
  • Already existing websites, for editing, content managing, re-design: £8.50 p/h

All work required and rates to be charged can be discussed to suit your needs/budget.


Websites that I’ve worked on, and what my input involved, include:

  • Author Graham Caveney’s website (creation & design):
  • Poet Jai Verma’s website (content editing/uploading):
  • Poetry card publisher One Plum Poem‘s website (re-design of font/content placement only):
  • The Beestonian magazine’s website (content editing/uploading):

If you think you’d like me to work with you on your website, get in touch using the form on my ‘Professional Services‘ page.

Note: I am based in Beeston, Nottingham and am only likely to take on work within this area. However, I can work remotely on websites, and this can be discussed privately to suit your needs.